Joey Grace is a singer, songwriter and music producer based in Long Beach, California. During live performances she plays the keytar, synths, and percussion while using a vocal effects machine to produce lush on-the-spot harmonies and ethereal loops. As one audience member put it after seeing a live show, "Joey Grace's on-stage performance sounds like a dark version of Enya meets Marilyn Manson."

Her debut 6-song EP, Beautiful Storm, has been coined by the artist as a style she calls "sexygloom". A common theme throughout Beautiful Storm is duality. Lyrics such as, “he makes me feel like I’m going mad, he makes me feel like I’m beautiful” express the highs and lows of life and love through a sensual darkness. 

Over the years she has performed at DreamWorks Animation, House of Blues, The Baked Potato, No Name Hollywood, the Special Olympics World Games, and sang the National Anthem at Staples Center. Music influences include Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Sophie, BT and Julee Cruise. 

Joey Grace is now producing all of her own music and music videos at the Joey Grace Studio, as well as collaborating with other musicians around the world. 

"One minute, life is overwhelmingly beautiful... the next minute, unbearable. My mind is a space of conflict and duality. Keep it sexy... keep it gloomy."