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"You are a Production Wizard! You should add Production Wizard to your resume for sure."
-Christopher Leopold Hackman @therealhumanbarbie

"In my opinion, Joey Grace is the quintessential multi-talented artist. She writes, produces, and directs all her projects. I’m truly amazed at her drive to think outside the normal and push boundaries within her music. I’ve had the sincere pleasure of working with her on my Spread Christmas Cheer project. She graciously donated her time to add her amazing vocals on this song... and with this song, we raised over $1,500 for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles! I expect nothing but quality and greatness from Joey Grace. Her music is timeless, beautiful chaos carefully crafted and undefined. What do you call colorful electro-pop filled with truth and emotion? Joey Grace calls it "SexyGloom".... And I love it!"  -Honoré @honoremusic



"Working with Joey Grace has been a creative highlight for me. I’ve never felt more comfortable or trusted a producer as much I have collaborating with her. She truly brings out the best in you and it shows in the music.  Not only is she an effective communicator, but I love that she’s open to suggestions and encourages you to give honest feedback. I look forward to working on our next project together!" 

--Trevar A.

Matt Landig.jpg

"Working with Joey Grace has been great! With each session I always feel as if I've accomplished something. She makes everything seem possible. I always look forward to singing!"

-Matt L.

Scarlett music lesson.JPG

"Anyone interested in music lessons for their kids couldn't do better than hiring Joey Grace! Her patience, experience, and genuine care for the kids and everyone she works with is so apparent — I don't know how she can keep a 7-year-old on task for over an hour, and keep kids wanting more. My kids adore her and our whole family is so happy — and lucky — to have found Joey Grace. And both kids have learned so much... even on Zoom!"

--Paul S.

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